Cast of Characters

Belle of the Fall is Tracy Walton and Julia Autumn Ford.

Julia Autumn Ford - CT Music Award Nominee Best New Artist 2014 and Song of the Year 2015. Her debut solo album has gained her well deserved attention as a singer of rare talent. “It’s almost freakish how good she sings. I watched her and it was hard to process that it was actually coming out of her mouth.” Joe Michelini, River City Extension.

Tracy Walton - 2014 and 2015 New England Music Award nominee Best Male Performer. Tracy has written for Alfred Books and taught at the National Guitar Workshop. He is a multi instrumentalist that produces albums out of his studio, On Deck Sound Studio. "One of CT's most accomplished bassists." Chip McCabe, Lonesome Noise

The Rise of

Belle of the Fall 

In 2014 Tracy Walton produced Julia Autumn Ford’s debut album at his studio On Deck Sound Studio. In essence the record is somewhat the birth of Belle of the Fall, as Tracy plays all of the instruments on the record and Julia sings. Later that year they would tour the East Coast together sharing bills playing separate solo sets, with Tracy sitting in on some of Julia’s songs.

Sometimes an idea seems too simple so it takes a while for it to come to fruition. Simply put, two is often better than one. With Belle of the Fall it was as simple as an agreement of "All in." The summer of 2015 was the right time for two forces to collide.