The Art of Song

Too often we hear that a school doesn’t have the funding to bring our program to their kids.

This is where we need you.

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This enrichment program focuses on using songwriting as a means to bring people together through music. It focuses on creativity and teamwork in a group setting. No musical knowledge or experience is required. Participants will practice writing 1st and 3rd person lyrics over a variety of song forms. We will set these lyrics to music as a group. Songwriting is a great way to open up an individuals sense of creativity and self expression.

We cater the program to all ages from pre-school through adult depending on our audience.


What parents are saying:

“My kids and a few of my friend’s kids got the opportunity to do this Art of Song workshop over the summer. It was fantastic!! Julia and Tracy engaged the kids with their folk acoustic harmony; inspiring the group to work together to create a blues song. Really great to see they will be continuing to offer this workshop but they need your help. Please check it out…especially if you have never heard of Belle of the Fall. They are a pretty incredible duo!!”


 “Abby took this class over the summer and had a great experience! It helped her find her inner voice as a young writer. Please help support this incredible opportunity so that others may have the chance to discover theirs too.”