"Acoustic folk duo Belle Of The Fall has proven that musical soul mates do in fact exist.”

-Vents Magazine

“Belle of the Fall has done a very special thing - they’ve taken a style of music that I typically find derivative and infused it with an unbelievable amount of personality. Their chemistry as a duo is infectiously fun and immediately apparent. Thus, I’d argue they’re one of the most compelling two piece outfits in the indie scene right now.”

-Brett Davis Stewart

“Julia’s voice is like a fishbowl filled with cotton candy and fairies.”

-Lexi Weege

“To say that Belle of the Fall lead singer, Julia Autumn Ford possesses the voice of an angel is beyond obvious. Soft, tender and raw all at once; Julia’s vocal delivery is light as a feather yet powerful enough too knock down an entire city block with one turn of a phrase. her partner in crime, bassist Tracy Walton rounds out Belle of the Fall’s folky yet modern sound. You will want to take note of this performance as it’s one of those 'I saw them when they were still playing bars' moments.”

-Block Island Music Fest


“Tracy Walton is one of CT’s most accomplished bassists.”

-Lonesome Noise

"It's almost freakish how good she sings. I watched her and it was hard to process that it was actually coming out of her mouth."

-Joe Michelini, River City Extension



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by Belle of the Fall